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There are many reasons why people may choose to keep guns in their homes, whether for hunting or personal protection. However, it’s important to also consider the safety of those who live in the home, especially children. That’s where hidden gun storage ideas come in – they provide a secure way to keep guns accessible while also keeping them out of sight and out of reach.

1. Concealed Wall Mounts

One of the most popular options for hidden gun storage is a concealed wall mount. This involves mounting a small safe or cabinet inside a wall, behind a piece of art or furniture, or even in a secret room. This way, the gun is easily accessible but also completely hidden from view.

2. False Bookshelf

Another creative option is to install a false bookshelf that slides to reveal a hidden compartment behind it. This can be a great way to keep guns hidden in plain sight, especially if you have a large collection of books or other decorative items on your shelves.

3. Under Bed Storage

For those who want quick access to their guns while in bed, under bed storage can be a great option. This involves installing a small safe or storage compartment under the bed, accessible by pulling out a drawer or lifting up the mattress.

4. Hidden Gun Safe Furniture

If you want to keep your guns in a common area of the home, such as a living room or den, consider investing in hidden gun safe furniture. This can include items like coffee tables, end tables, or even full-size cabinets that are designed to look like regular furniture but have a hidden compartment for your guns.

5. Custom Built-ins

If you’re building or remodeling your home, consider incorporating custom built-ins that can be used for hidden gun storage. This can include a custom closet or cabinet that is specifically designed to store guns, or even a hidden room that can be used as a safe room.

6. In-Wall Gun Storage

In-wall gun storage involves installing a safe or cabinet inside a wall, but instead of being concealed behind a piece of furniture or artwork, it’s built directly into the wall. This can be a great option for those who want a more permanent and secure storage solution.

7. False Ceiling

Another creative option for hidden gun storage is a false ceiling. This involves installing a small safe or storage compartment in the ceiling, accessible by pulling down a false panel. This is a great option for those who want to keep their guns completely out of sight.

8. Hidden Gun Safe Room

For those who have a larger collection of guns or want the ultimate in home security, consider investing in a hidden gun safe room. This can be a specially designed room with reinforced walls and a heavy-duty door, accessible only by a secret entrance or hidden panel.

9. Custom Gun Racks

If you have a smaller collection of guns, consider investing in a custom gun rack that can be mounted in a hidden location. This can include a custom-built gun rack inside a closet or behind a false panel.

10. Combination Locks

Finally, no matter which type of hidden gun storage you choose, be sure to invest in a quality combination lock to keep your guns secure. This can include a traditional dial lock or a digital keypad lock, depending on your preferences.


When it comes to hidden gun storage ideas, the options are endless. Whether you want to keep your guns completely out of sight or simply want a secure and accessible storage solution, there’s a hidden gun storage option that will work for you. Just be sure to invest in quality materials and locks to ensure the safety of everyone in your home.

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